Justify your purchase!

Well, great. I'm going to talk about my domain again.

First, to answer Jackie's question: me of all people, right? Taking a while, yes? So long, yes? I don't really know why either, but it never really felt essential to me all these years. I'll admit, however, to feeling some pressure when you, of all people, got a domain. I knew this conversation would come up. But anyway. This just seemed like a good opportunity, so I grabbed it. That, and I'm on a misplaced spending spree.

That said, since that last essay announcing the domain purchase, I haven't written anything. And it's been ten days, and I haven't really been very busy (except for writing, perhaps) so, here I am, justifying my purchase by writing something that's not really substantial, at least at this point.

So... I just got a package from London. I bought something from Monocle because I won't be abroad any time soon. I spent the past few days tracking the shipment, not because I'm desperate, but because I was interested to see where my order goes before I get it. (Also, they don't sell the thing I bought here, apparently despite many inquiries to the distributor from other people.) (Misplaced spending spree, right?)

It left London on Monday night their time, and got to Germany just past midnight the following day. And then the shipment got stuck there a whole day - not sure if it's the weather or something with the plane. It did leave a day behind, landing in Shenzen, and then in Clark just this morning.

Tonight, someone was knocking at the door. It was the UPS guy.

"Nagtatrabaho ba kayo sa ABS-CBN?" he asked me.

I'm used to people asking me if I was related to one of their reporters, Jeck Batallones, but this is a variation. Essentially he's asking me if I'm Jeck. But sir, you have my package, and it clearly says Henrik.

"Hindi," I answered. "Palaging tinatanong nga sa akin 'yan, eh."

I sign a couple of things and he gives me the package.

"Sabi nga ni ser, binabantayan daw 'yung package, so dapat daw i-deliver agad," he said.

Crap, they knew I was tracking my package?

I wasn't obsessive about it, no. Okay, perhaps at one point I was. I was at the dentist today, accompanying Shalla, and I was afraid I'd have nothing to do. The reception area only has torn-up pop-up books and a 1981 set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica - which I did read the first time, but it's a bit musky and I didn't want to risk asthma. I had to read something.

Today, I survived two hours with my laptop - there was a plug - checking emails, and then playing SimCity. Yes, I installed that game again. Didn't do so on the second laptop, but did so on this one, the third. Now, I'm losing time again, destressing by building a city from the ground up, indulging my inner urban planner while reacquainting myself with all the supply chain implications of a full dumpsite. And that is why I now have to justify my purchase of a web domain.

And your responses...

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