Some things must go

I now have three travelogues (roughly) in my head, and I have not had the time to get down and write them. I am actually forgetting some important details. It's a desperate situation.

Unfortunately I have moved to the point where I write long essays than encompass multiple narratives, rather than vignettes and short observations. I don't know. I guess I'm finding it fun, the whole journey thing, coming into this thing and sticking with it throughout its twists and turns. But then, this is something you read, and you can get off any moment. Like, right now. Jump in one of those twenty-nine other tabs or something.

Well, that takes time, of course. And, once again, I'm writing about how I don't really have time these days. So now I have all these thoughts for essays that stay thoughts, all these thoughts that come up randomly, get formed somehow, and then get parked again. Too many thoughts these days.

Too many thoughts these days. When I do ideally have time to write, I end up getting lost on YouTube, ostensibly to get inspiration, actually just watching the same videos over and over.

I now have the urge to connect these things together, perhaps paint a very sad state of affairs for me, at least when I'm solitary. But, well, I'm not in the mood for that. I'll perhaps stick with the whole "I don't have time for this" theory that, surprisingly, has not really occurred to me until today, unlike all those fragments of essays I might not get to write. Perhaps it's because I really don't have time. Perhaps some things must go.

That, or, I really should start writing drafts more often. Or, to begin with.

And your responses...

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