Our days are numbered

Well, there you go.

Yesterday, martial law was declared in Mindanao, a response to attacks by terrorists in Marawi City. Some may question why it had to cover an entire island when atrocities are mostly confined to one city, but, perhaps, there are reasons for that.

Today, the idea that martial law will also be declared in the Visayas has been floated. Along with that, the writ of habeas corpus could be suspended there too, the way it already, somehow, is in Mindanao. It is necessary, it was said, to save the country.

Tomorrow, perhaps, the idea that martial law will now cover the whole country will be floated. To save the whole country from terrorism, it will be said. To bring peace and order to the country, it will be said.

In a few weeks, the whole country will go under martial law.

In a few weeks, the writ of habeas corpus will be suspended. It supposedly is only the case for those accused of rebellion, but heaven knows what that means.

Possibly, that could cover political opponents. Those putrid yellows will finally all be in jail, pale and weak like that bitch from the Senate who does drugs, too.

Possibly, that could cover those oligarchs supposedly mooching off the people. Conveniently, it would include media outfits supposedly critical of the government, although, really, ratings matters more and they have been more accommodating than most, for the most part.

Possibly, that could include any one of us. Just get the wrong person angry, and someone out there will make fake charges against you and arrest you and jail you - if you're lucky. Maybe you'll disappear forever. Nothing to mourn.

In a few months, the threat will be squashed. There has to be such a result. Times are different; people are more wary. But then, the preferred narrative will be allowed to grow. This is a hero for our times. This is a hero we should depend on, entrust our lives on, entrust everything we built on. He truly loved this country more than we ever could. He made us truly independent; he unshackled us from the hypocrites of the west; he brought us into a community with the titans of the east. He truly knows what is best. We should not question anything, not let paranoid musings like this one go through. We should trust him. We should have faith in him.

Yeah, we should have faith in a man who thinks human rights is an impediment, who thinks weakness should be eradicated, who thinks niceties is mere bullshit getting in the way of whatever it is he wants. For us. Supposedly, for us. But maybe more for him. At the very least, that hero narrative. He will do everything for that hero narrative. For us, all of us, or at least what's left of us, to worship him.

Our days are numbered.

And your responses...

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