Wear them down

First, thank you for joining us on this noble mission. I'm sure you'll do well - you wouldn't be here if the boss didn't have all this trust on you.

I'm sending you this email to brief you on what we're doing, why we're doing what we're doing, and why we're doing this. I hope you have time - this is going to be a long email.

First, a few thoughts. We love spectacle. We love drama. Millions watch soap operas after going home. It's not just entertainment after a long day at work or school. Those television shows are where we project our dreams, our hopes, our fears. A victory for the good guys is a victory for us, too. A love that blossoms... you get the idea.

You have to understand the psyche of the people around you. Our psyche. We have this mindset, where we see everything as a battle between the good guys and the bad guys. Who that is depends on what you believe and are exposed to - but there's always a good guy and there's always a bad guy. The bad guy will do anything to thwart the good guy, but with some effort, perhaps some luck, and by the grace of God (I know you're not for religion, but again, understand the psyche) the good guy will win in the end.

So, say, this guy is at work, in an office. Who's the good guy? He's the good guy. He's working honestly, paycheck by paycheck, so he can start a business. Who's the bad guy? His boss, who never gives him a break, who has favorites, who treats him badly. Now, his boss may not be any of those things. He may not give this guy a raise, but then he does not give anybody a raise. But this guy will think he's the only one who's not getting a raise. We're predisposed to be like that. We contort everything we see to suit what we believe. So, his boss is a bad guy, and he must win over him. A raise is a victory. Maybe moving to a better job is a victory. It depends.

In the wider scheme of things: again, we contort everything we see to suit what we believe. Are things really terrible here? Some say yes, some say no. It depends on what you believe and what you're exposed to. If you're poor, you might say yes, it's terrible. If you're rich, if you've always been rich, you'll think, no, it's not that bad. I'm not affected by this anyway. If you consider yourself as an honest person, you'll think other people are out to screw you over.

The plan is to take advantage of this situation. The plan is to manipulate the situation so we can achieve the right conditions. Conditions for what? We don't know. This plan is so immense not all of us are made aware of it, or perhaps we are not in a position to understand it fully. But the boss trusts you. He has nothing but praise for you. He knows his way around people, and he does not sugarcoat anything, so I trust you, too.

So, again, the plan is to take advantage of the situation. Your role is to stoke our dreams, our hopes, our fears. You know your way around this. You've worked in the industry. You know what the people feel. Fan the flames. You don't have to exaggerate too much; the people will do the work for you. Just tell them, I don't know, that this place is about to burn to the ground and soon unless they do the right thing.

The boss believes strongly in "divide and conquer", so that's what we'll do here, too. We want people constantly in fight mode. We want people to always see a good guy and a bad guy. Who are the good guys? We are. We have the solutions, and we are not afraid to implement it. We have the ultimate solution. Nobody else has. They say they do but they don't. They're too timid for that. They're the bad guys. You can say, I don't know, that they're trying to take away from us this one last chance to stop this place from going up in flames.

If I may add, this is not a one-time thing. For this plan to work, we need your commitment. We need your commitment and your loyalty. Be patient. This is a thankless job but the rewards are many. Just keep at it. Keep stoking the flames. It seems hard, but it's not. As I said, the people will do the rest of your work. Just set the conditions and stick to the message. Remember, the good guys - the ones on our side - will do the work. They will fight the bad guys on everything. They will blame them for all their troubles, even if they had nothing to do with it, even if it was all out of their control. They will attack them for whatever aspect of their personality. Smart, bad. Thinking, bad. Paranoid, bad. Questioning, bad. It's going to be a street brawl, a persistent one.

In the end, the bad guys will never win because we are the good guys. We always win. The good guys always win. Keep at it, and wear them down, until the ultimate solution is the only solution.

Also, don't worry about the rest of the plan - there are many of us at work here. Just trust. Believe.

I hope that's all clear for you. Are you free for coffee this week? There must be a place in Intramuros, near the cathedral, near the commission.

And your responses...

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