You say you want a revolution

The scenario isn't "everything is failing". Not really. This has been pretty consistent throughout the past fourteen months, in bits and spurts, but in recent days there's been an uptick in talk of how a revolution is needed.

A revolution is needed, he says, to ensure that things really change. For the better, he argues. For everyone, he argues.

The assumptions are are in bits and spurts, but there are enough to play connect the dots with. He's old and is near to death. He has nothing to gain. We have to believe him when he says everything he's doing is for all of us, not like, you know, them. You know, them. Those motherfucking idiots, acting like they know everything, with their "values" and "standards" that will never fit with what you believe in. Those idiots, shoving themselves down your throats, supposedly for the better, but really, they're doing it for themselves. They're blocking all the work we do so they can gorge themselves all they want, and then some.

Can we kick them out?

A revolution is needed. Revolution. It's a smart choice of words, or, well, word. Revolution. Historically, in this side of the world, a revolution means an overhaul. With one exception, it often is violent, bloody. Historically, we like revenge, we like payback, and nothing screams that more than a violent, bloody revolution. It's not enough to eliminate the enemy; you have to rip them apart until their insides come out, only there are no insides, because they're vapid and empty. Unlike you. Unlike us. We know better. We have to kick them out, and then some.

There's an uptick in that. It's a weird uptick. Is it acknowledgment that even he can't do what he promised to do? Or is this what he's been promising all along, and he's just lulling all the doubters and disbelievers into a sense of calm, until, well, their bellies are slashed and their guts are splayed for the world to see? Am I just too stupid to realize this? Is my skepticism enough cause for my body to be dismembered? This is what they want, right? A revolution? A bloody one? Because nothing screams change like a lot of red.

Scientifically, a revolution is when one body revolves around another body. You are A, and, say, he is B. A revolution begins with A leaving point C. As a revolution progresses, A orbits around B. A revolution is completed only when A arrives back at point C.

A revolution is never complete until you return to where you started.

And your responses...

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