Killing season

Through a viva voce vote - so as to ensure maximum results, perhaps dramatic results, without being held accountable by their constitutents - the Philippine lower house voted to award the Commission of Human Rights a budget of a mere thousand pesos in 2018.

This, after constant attacks from the president, who sees the commission - a government agency mandated to be the watchdog against human rights violations, established by the 1987 Constitution - as a thorn in his campaign against drugs.

That is it. It's killing season.

Am I exaggerating again? Perhaps. But imagine this. You have a president who is outwardly, repeatedly, encouraging the forces at his disposal - the military, the police - to use deadly force to achieve his ends, whatever that is. You have an increasing number of casualties among people who may have done wrong, but are denied due process, and are instead summarily eliminated to achieve his ends. You have casualties among people who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and are instead turned into a statistic to achieve his ends.

His ends? To maintain the impression that things are really terrible, and more importantly, that it is only he who can deliver us from this evil. And anybody who thinks otherwise is a thorn in his side, a roadblock to salvation, better off removed.

And some - not many, some; 16 million voters do not make a majority - are celebrating. Those fucking elites who do not know the plight of the poor, who do not understand the plight of the poor, who refuse to understand the plight of the poor - why should the fucking get in the way of the only justice we know, the only justice that is right? Swift justice? Merciless justice? Anyone?

So, here we are. It's killing season. We are all under the mercy of a vengeful government, led by a delusional bastard who believes he is the only way out, and his swathes of drones who agree with him every step of the way. Don't think otherwise, because they all have your names, and they all have your addresses, and they will come to get you. And somehow it will all be your fault. It's your fault you used illegal drugs. You can no longer be saved, no matter if you used it only once or if you haven't used in a long time or if you haven't used it at all, ever.

We are all under the mercy of Rodrigo Duterte, a dictator, a strongman, and perhaps, much more corrupt than the people he vilifies.

Haven't we seen this before?

And your responses...

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