Three possible official narratives

Narrative one: 21 September is proof that everything in the Philippines is terrible.

Why else would you need an entire day to protest? If everything was going well then people wouldn't find the need to gather in the streets, wave a few placards and shout a bunch of invectives. Instead, here we are, living in a country where everything is going to shit: traffic is bad, politicians are corrupt, television is unimaginative...

But protests are disruptive. We all have something to complain about, but whenever we see a protest on the streets, we don't think of how we're all fucked together, but of how they are fucking our lives up. They're causing traffic, these fucking idiots! So, this one's a masterstroke. A government-designated day where anybody can protest about anything.

Do you hate this government? Go on, protest!

Do you hate this company you're working on? Go on, protest!

Do you hate this radio station and how it's playing the same song over and over again? Go on, protest!

Protest, and let this cacophony of anger and vitriol waft to the air, coming together however these things come together, and paint a picture of a country where everything is terrible, and all people can do is fling their hands in the air and get angry.

Plus, if you don't have a reason to be angry, you can plan accordingly. Avoid those idiots causing traffic, get on with your day, and feel smug that they don't see what you see; that everything is going well. Especially these days.

Narrative two: 21 September is proof that Filipinos are terrible.

Come on. Someone is bound to disrupt a peaceful occasion, after all. We do not deserve good things, clearly. Here we are, on a day where we can air our grievances without fear of reprisal, and you idiots hijack it with your politics and your violence and your stupidity!

I mean, really. You? Complaining about the president? The very president that gave you this day to complain? Where are your manners? Where is your courtesy? Where is your respect? Do you even know what you're talking about? How can you complain about this government if you don't even work for it? You don't even know all the good they're doing. Now, shut up!

And you? You liberal fucktard. You always bring your failures into this. Why blame the government for your failures? You failed to uplift the country. You failed to vanquish corruption. You failed to eliminate criminality. You failed at everything. You do not deserve to complain. Fuck your human rights - you're not human! You're a failure. You're weak. You're impotent. You're gay. You're a pedophile. You're dumb. You're a drug addict. You're a homewrecker. You're more than that. Shut the fuck up.

What, you won't shut up? All right - you deserve to die. You idiots must be eliminated. There will be blood, and it's your blood. You deserve to die, for being an ungrateful, unappreciative little fuck.

But no. I am a decent Filipino. Unlike you.

God, I want to waterboard you. This has nothing to do with any of your corrupt senators, nor your murdering presidents, or anything else, for that matter. This has everything to do with your gay, hypocritic, self-righteous ass. The thrill is watered down by the fact that I already know where you are, but it's bitter still. And I want to waterboard you nonetheless.


Narrative three: 21 September is proof that the current Philippine government is not terrible.

Contrary to what those protesters say, this government is not terrible. In fact, it has done more than any other administration to bring change and solve the ills of this country.

You see, the problem with everybody that came before is they pretend to be all for change, when really, they're just there to enrich themselves. You're sat there waiting for that thing to happen when all they've really done is stuff their pockets and make themselves look good. What did you get from the "decent" president and that "tuwid na daan" crap? Nothing! This time is different. There will be no crime on the streets, and there will be nothing but prosperity, and there will be highways and roads... and subways! Nobody else can build a subway. Weren't you jealous of Singapore and their trains? If that isn't change, I don't know what is.

But all this government asks is your support. It only means well, and it only asks for your wholehearted, genuine support. It wants to heal the wounds of this country. That's why it's setting those jailed politicians free. That's why it buried a former president in its rightful place. That's why it's shunning everybody that did it wrong and opening its arms to those that mean well - that's right, the United States stole those bells at Balangiga, not China.

You have to understand, though, that there are people out there who want to see this government fail. These people try to blind you with their human rights and their decency and their happy smiles. But they're fake. They're corrupt. And when they have control, they will just screw you over.

This government may be calling for a revolution, to overthrow the elites that have done nothing for us, but it's all for your own good.

So, just, you know, sit back. Give your wholehearted support. Be happy there's this one day for you to get angry. Just, you know, be angry at the right things. You'll be all right.

And your responses...

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