Something stupid (but not like "I love you")

Early in our relationship Shalla and I had a discussion about how often we should say "I love you" to each other.

It's not that we're tired of it. Heck, we were just a few months in back then; there was still the allure of being in a new relationship, or, in my case, being in a relationship for the first time. It's just that we wanted to get it right, and somewhere along the way she read this article - don't remember where, but you know the Internet, always has the right answers, supposedly - that says you shouldn't say it so often.

I don't remember much else, though. Was it once a day? Only at particular points of the day? I remember the underlying concept being "don't bombard your special someone with those three words because they will lose their power soon enough". So, the logic goes, don't say it too often.

Clearly we didn't follow that advice. But then, we don't always meet. We're a couple hitting five years and yet the only time we really meet are on weekends - I blame it on our differing work schedules, although at least she's on the day shift now. Perhaps that takes care of the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" bit. Perhaps that necessitates the need for the more frequent use of those three words. That is all we have.

Well, there are other things. It's hard to explain what those are, but there are other things, and all that combined makes us a pretty badass couple. We are the best of friends, and we can cuddle up to each other at night, and nobody can append "with benefits" at the end of all this.

"2013 naging tayo, 'di ba?" she once asked me.

"2012!" I answered

"Hindi ba?"

"2012, hunny!"

"Ay, 2012!"

See, we've warped time already. This must be what forever feels like.

And your responses...


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