The tyranny of happiness

Tomorrow coincides with the last week of the year, which means everything gets conflated together: the supposed joy of the season, the supposed gratefulness we have over all that we got the past year, the supposed glee we have as we look forward to the coming year.

You know where this is going, right?

Well, I am a bit of a contrarian, and also, I have not really had the best of years. Yet I feel compelled to at least feel good because, for fuck's sake, it's Christmas - feel blessed for a change. That, and the incredibly timed story of the deepest of despairs giving in to the biggest of joys. If that can happen to them, why won't you let it happen to you?

That's just how it is, isn't it? It's always down to you. It's your fault why things aren't going well for you. When it does, it instantly because someone else's credit. Even if my best of days this is how it goes. "My life would suck without you." You can't claim credit for something brilliant, either. But you have to take responsibility for everything sucky that comes your way. And you have to keep your best face on nonetheless, on days like today, or days like tomorrow. Pose for photographs by some ornately-decorated tree, and try to smile, just for once.

For fuck's sake, it's Christmas. Feel blessed for a change. Be appreciative for a change. Be happy for a change. If you can't be happy for you, be happy for them. At the very least, keep your mouth shut and do not make a ruckus.

It's hard being with people who mandate you to think a certain way, if only to keep the status quo. And yet we have to play with that mindset. And on the moment we've had enough and we snap...

...but no. Let's not have that. You don't care about suffering unless it's convenient to do so.

Merry Christmas, whatever that means.

And your responses...

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