Once you've seen one, you've seen all of them

I don't understand why I can't sleep. The hotel room isn't bad, save for the rattling air conditioning and the fact that electric sockets are hard to find. To boot, I got a king-sized bed all to myself because of some bureaucratic mix-ups. I had three pillows because there was an extra bed in the room. More importantly, I am very tired. I should plonk my head on a pillow and doze off immediately.

I didn't. But I ascribe that to my tendency of late to not fall asleep when I have to. Most likely I need melatonin to reset my sleep cycles, but in these times when more is demanded of you, it seems to be a risk not worth taking. I turn the lights off at eleven and don't go to sleep until two hours later - and this is at my own bedroom. Am I that stressed today?

At least here in Subic I fell asleep relatively quickly. I can finally sleep without alarm clocks having to wake me up. Instead, I wake up at half past five on a Saturday morning. Yes, the days are longer and it isn't dark outside anymore at this point in the day, but the windows are drawn. And there's nothing urgent left to do. And I cannot sleep. So, instead, almost six hours later, here I am, nursing a headache, drinking an iced coffee (expensive, considering it's a rudimentary hotel - and hazelnut flavorings in coffee will never be my thing), and listening to Courtney Barnett.

There is one function room at this hotel, and there's a wedding reception going on. They've been setting up since last night - I wonder what they think of the karaoke? I had a peek inside and saw the unfinished stage, adorned only with a tarpaulin behind it with the names of the (then) future newlyweds printed on it. Jan Rick and Lovelace. That seems too on the nose. You will be tied together forever. Or at least until divorce is legislated.

The entourage isn't here yet, but some well-wishers are. You know what we do. If we can't be arsed to go to the ceremony itself, we'll just go to the reception. They know we're there and we get to eat to free and we don't get church-induced boredom. The solemnity of traditions that look archaic when pitted against modern standards.

The guests come in wearing their more decent outfits. I see scarves and bright colors and animal prints... no, that's a flower print... is that a Hello Kitty pattern? No, wait, is that durian? You look your best only to be bored by the chaos of modern taste. This being a wedding reception, it means slideshows of "the relationship so far", and the newlyweds being paraded around like model cattle, and same-day edits complete with drone footage. I saw a drone outside and thought, once you've seen one SDE, you've seen all of them.

But then you're here for the food, and perhaps the air conditioning, especially with this summer heat. I saw hotel staff bring in a whole lechon. Now it's a wedding reception.

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