Hello there

Well, yes, I did know it will take me a while to actually write here in September. This is, after all, my busiest month. And to complicate things further, the event I work on this time of the year should be happening next week, but a complicated string of events mean it's not until early next month, so, you know, I'll be dead for longer.

That said, hello there. How have you been doing? Did you miss me?

No? Well, I was hoping for a yes, but I can take a no. I have always taken a no.

To be fair, I really have had nothing to write lately. At least not here. I can't always bore you about bridges threatening to take the role of our ships. When you're knee-deep in what you're supposed to do, you end up not focusing on all the other things, unless you've got some reference points for it. (I am keeping up with earthings! because I have to, but that doesn't mean I find it a breeze.) I wouldn't call it a sign of political maturity that I haven't written a relatively angry essay about Rodrigo Duterte's public therapy session early this week. I haven't seen it, but I have read excerpts, and for a moment I had something in mind about how it really wasn't a waste of time like many people posited. But then, I could not be bothered to write it.

It's been so frantic that I am finding myself listening to Radio 4 just so I can sleep easier, and so I can tune out when I have to. (Specifically, when I have the luxury to do so.) But then this weekend there's a big typhoon ripping up the northern part of the country, and the story is so big - but not big enough to dislodge that hurricane in the Carolinas - that they're interviewing people from my country right now. You listen to foreign radio to sort of travel with your head - and then you hear an accent very much like yours, and that shatters the illusion. But then, it is raining outside, a bit, and a lot of other people are worse of.

I have been thinking of Dale, who lives in Baguio, but went down to Manila a couple of days ago to watch Dua Lipa - and now she's stuck here because her home city is isolated. Well, at least she's all right. But I have been thinking about the possibility of me being in Baguio when something like that happens. Could I survive being isolated? Maybe. Could I survive having no electricity? Doubt it. I'll need it to get some work done. I have a lot more work to do.

But then, it's the weekend. Can't I rest over the weekend? I know there's this thing about how work never sleeps and neither should you, but then, I am feeling a bit rebellious. I want to be lazy. Look at how much I have done already. And I have kept up with my album reviews, but that's really for my vanity, for the most part. Which reminds me, I have another week of posts to think about. Maybe I should stop writing here for now. I have one down, and three more to go for this month. My rules are stifling.

And your responses...

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