Reduced to small talk

Hours after writing yesterday's entry I realized that it's essentially, accidentally, a rehash of something I wrote roughly eleven months ago.

Right, nothing wrong with what, right? But then I couldn't shake it off. I know this is bound to happen - I have been blogging here for almost thirteen and a half years, and I don't live an interesting life - and I am pretty sure it has happened before. Still, I had to check, and true enough, it's an entry I wrote roughly eleven months ago. Save for the amble about my commuting options, it is, almost beat by beat, a rumination about cooler climates abroad. I talk about that trench coat, I talk about layering, and I talk about we have to be reminded that it can be cool in the not-quite-but-more-literal melting pot that is Manila.

Well, there you go. I have been reduced to doing small talk on here. Talking about the weather - that's the very essence of small talk. If you're wary about saying too much about yourself, you talk about the weather.

But then, I have been writing here for almost fourteen years, and only lately have I been wary of saying too much about myself. Unfortunately, people can read about my stupid forays into assumed romance, if they know where to look. There was this one instance when a researcher for a government think tank, out of the blue, told me that she has read my blog entries. There was a slight smirk on her face - an amused one, I must clarify, rather than an annoyed one, but coupled with her slightly strong demeanor, I couldn't help but be twice as embarrassed.

Why not just delete your posts, then?

I don't want to.

Turn them to private?

I don't want to.

Well, you get what you deserve, Niko.

Yeah, sure. So... nice weather we're having, eh? It's been so hot these past few weeks, we badly need these winds. Yes, I know there's a strong typhoon up north. Yes, I know some towns are isolated. Yes, I am pretty sure some people will die because no matter what we do we can never have zero casualties. What do you mean I'm an asshole for making small talk out of this weather? Yes, I know, but do I really have to? Ugh, fine, it was nice meeting you.

And your responses...

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