Somewhere on my bedroom floor lie carcasses. Many carcasses. At least seven or eight carcasses. They're mosquitos.

There are a lot of mosquitos in my place lately. It's unusual, I'll say. I've never had to leave the house (to go to work, or somewhere else, early in the morning) and be greeted by a swarm of them buzzing about. For a while there was this mosquito in my room I couldn't kill for weeks, until we finally bought another one of those things that look like a tennis racquet but electrified, to kill those pesky things. Thus, those eight mosquitos on the floor at some point.

And we're not the only one. Every morning I'd hear, from our neighbors, the sound of those very electrified racquets. Pak. Pak. Pak. Pak pak pak. I should've gone for zap because that's what it really is, but pak sounds much more accurate. Also, they must have even more mosquitos than we do.

Is it global warming? Between that and the hot temperatures, it certainly feels like it. Nobody even talks about El NiƱo like it's a novelty anymore. Yes, the authorities have said it's going on right now, but it hasn't been picked up as much. (Or perhaps it's how tabloid most of our media has become.) We're certainly talking about the water shortage, sure, but we're no longer batting an eye about the temperatures. It just is, even if ten years ago it certainly isn't. And we all insist glass buildings and trees cordoned off to those who can pay for it is a sign of progress?

Anyway, perhaps it is global warming, because in my office there's been slightly more mosquitos lately. At some point, in the car, as I left work, I was trying to swat one with my hands. I managed to kill the mosquito - not Aussie, not calling it a mozzie - once I've gotten out of the parking garage, only to realize that it's just eaten, and so, in a roundabout way, I now have human blood in my hands.

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