Some things did go

"Hey," Jeany texted me. "How's being free from blogging?"

Well, first off, I have not quit blogging entirely. I did say this blog will continue to be a running concern, if only because I don't have to update it every day, but just at least four times a month. Oh, yes, I did not mention it here the whole time, right. I closed the other blog. I closed it last week.

Yes, for one, having to update regularly is incredibly time-intensive. And I'm doing more at work. And that can be more exciting sometimes. Most of the time. More stressful, but still somehow more exciting. The blog's been a chore for the past couple of years, which is why I can't quite believe it when people profess how it's influenced a lot of things - saying it has myself doesn't quite feel as convincing.

So, yes, I closed it, after a three-week farewell run spent overstating my importance in the bigger picture. Maybe I got tired of living up to that and decided to call it quits. I don't really know what's the best answer to "why are you closing it?" apart from "I don't have the time anymore". That said, the past weekend, where I didn't have to worry about scheduling posts for Monday and getting some album reviews done - it felt like any other weekend, which is to say that, so far, it hasn't felt much of a loss, or at least not much of a painful one.

There are some things I have yet to get used to, though. For the past six years my routine whenever I check Twitter on my phone is to open one account, and then the other. It's easy; you just hold down the home icon on the app and a pop-up will, well, pop up. Now, well, I have to tell myself to not check the other one. I won't get notifications there anymore. I can't get myself to remove it from the app completely, however. It'll take a while, me not having to listen to any noteworthy album, or not having to be forever plugged into the local album release calendar, or not having to have a pithy quick take on anything music-related.

Shalla did say it'll take around two months, me dealing with the emptiness that comes with letting something you've done for years, something you've allowed to consume yourself, go. Yet it doesn't feel as empty. Indeed, the flipside was in a text message I just sent her now. "I'm blogging," I said. "I guess that means something special now since I'm down to one."

And your responses...

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