I was out on my afternoon walk today, my feeble attempts at keeping fit after hours spent in front of this laptop, working myself to death - so what is keeping fit for? - in the days leading up to the most prestigious event in Philippine supply chain.

I'll admit, I was taking the chance to force myself to think up of something to write about on the blog, or at least to recall the things I have thought of before. I know, it's boring, how I always write about the four-entries-per-month thing I imposed upon myself, but, well, there is this four-entries-per-month thing I imposed upon myself, and I still hope to be able to keep it, even if it results in low-quality thought bubbles like this one.

I think I realize part of the reason why these ideas don't come to me as often as they used to: I don't have a lot of alone, idle time anymore. It's partly because I don't commute to work daily these days, and when I do, I drive rather than take public transport. (It's not ideal from a financial perspective, but it's either that or I wake up at half past four. And you wonder why Manila is screwed?) Me driving means plugging in the phone and listening to live radio from elsewhere in the world - I told you Manila is screwed - and that means little time to stick to whatever thought passes through me at any given point.

It's partly because, now that I'm in a relationship - six years going on seven - I spend more time talking to her than thinking to myself. That's an immediate sort of release, and since this blog was built mostly to be a release, when I declared to the world (foolishly) that this is how I get my point across rather than doing it in person, well, no material.

It's partly because I now realize I don't like alone, idle time, because I get restless, and my thoughts get restless, and nobody likes me in despair. Well, nobody else likes me anyway, but me in despair is worse. I get insufferable.

I walked for thirty minutes or so and I may have had at least three trails of thought in my head. Well, they did come one after another. Stream of consciousness, but internal, and of no benefit to anyone else. I had something in my head that made me sound like a whiner; I remembered an old friend, now a hotshot influencer, tell me that I complain too much and it essentially denies me an audience. All right, let me complain about that, then! No, still whiny. One thing leads to another, that sort of thing.

And then I get a text message from one of our speakers requesting a particular logo from me. There it all goes. I have forgotten everything, and I am writing this, a low-quality thought bubble, down.

And your responses...

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