Switched on

The airconditioning here today is unusually noisy.

Perhaps it's always been that way. Perhaps it's because, today, I don't have my earphones plugged in, at least not yet. Perhaps it's because it's not yet seven in the morning, which usually means office workers start rushing in for their rations of coffee that's not a packet of three-in-one found in their pantry.

I'm not the first customer here this morning, but the lady was taking a while to choose what she wanted, and I knew what I wanted: an iced coffee and a donut. I just had to pop in, really, and say what I want, and be done with it. I can take my seat - I can't believe I have a usual seat now, but then again, when I'm here, I'm always here early - and start working, or at least pretending to work. I mean, forgive me, but it's not yet seven in the morning. Nobody's switched on this early in the morning.

Well, I've been awake early. Cooked breakfast for two, and then drove my girlfriend to work, as I have a meeting in three hours as well. That's an awfully long wait, but then, it's either that or an awfully long queue on the road. That's the world I live in: a place where nothing works unless you can afford it.

So, I'm here, before seven in the morning, pondering the noisier than usual airconditioning. Might as well enjoy it, because the cold air is blowing to my neck and, I'm very sure, when the rush comes in, when this place is filled with people who look miles more confident fashion-wise than I ever will be, I'll feel slightly uncomfortable. And that'll time in with me needing to actually send some emails. I know nobody's switched on this early in the morning, but unfortunately, I have to be.

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