The autoplay setting

It's a somewhat weird position to be in, watching something get popular way after you first liked it.

Take the video game Among Us. No, it's not me, of course, but Shalla. Got introduced to it by some colleagues of her, if I remember correctly. It was over a year ago when she posted fan art of the game, something that continued to attract attention until recently, when the game became popular everywhere else, with streamers spending hours on it and every illustrator in my periphery posting about it.

So, yeah, it's weird seeing people like something way after you first liked it. I think she stopped playing the game because she got tired of it. I'm not really sure. But we still watch the gamers, sometimes, when the mood calls for it.

This happened to me too. I was watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine before seemingly everybody professed to liking it. I'm not saying I'm first with this - the only television show I can make such a claim on is Glee - but it seemed like only a few people I know watched the show during its first two years or so, when I followed it religiously. I dropped it for reasons you are not entitled to know - but I must tell you I dropped every television show I was following around the same time.

Since then, of course, everybody's been posting memes and GIFs of the Nine-Nine squad (inevitably, because at its best it is a treasure trove of physical comedy). I wouldn't say they're just joining the bandwagon. Again, I dropped the show two years in; I'm in no position to claim it. But it was weird, seeing these people come out around the time the show was cancelled the first time - weird not because they're late, but because I was too early, and left too early.

I don't know what I'm trying to say here. I swear I had a point, or at least a destination. Oh, right.

I started rewatching the whole series again a couple of weeks back. All but the latest season are on Netflix, and it's been sitting on my list for years. I guess the lockdowns meant I had more time to catch up with the queue, although, well, not really; the settings may have changed, but the workload absolutely hasn't. (In fact, there seems to be a belief that just because events are held online, they can be done by less people, also known as yours truly.) So my queue remained stagnant, because of other things and because I still can't be arsed, while I let Shalla burn through New Girl, yet another show I tried but quickly gave up on. (I was firmly on the "Zooey Deschanel's quirkiness cannot carry the whole series" side of post-pilot criticism.)

Thing is, I never really binged stuff on Netflix. I don't like falling into the trap of burning through an entire season in a day. When we first got the account, I turned off the option that automatically played the next episode in a series.

But then, things are different. We burned through a season and a half of New Girl in one day. (It was a Sunday, and yes, we still did our chores in between.) In these times when everything seems more stressful and there's not much else you can do, well, you binge-watch shows you've been meaning to give a second chance to. And so, when it was my turn to revisit the Nine-Nine, I turned the autoplay setting on. Somehow Netflix made it harder to find - meaning, you can only turn on the option on a browser.

We finished the show in a week.

Well, we didn't. The seventh season, which neither of us have seen, is still not on Netflix. We'll wait it out. For now, I have turned the autoplay setting off again, because, really, having the next episode play without your explicit permission is annoying. Apart from that, I really don't know what I came here to say.

And your responses...

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