One last note

If you're reading this via Facebook - and honestly, I don't know how many are, if anybody is - then this is the last of my entries that you'll read on here.

It's really more of that social network ending its Notes feature from tomorrow. You know how they change everything and then change everything some more. It's been so many years since I began posting my entries twice - for no reason, as it's now clear to me - so it'll take me a while to change my workflow. No more copying and pasting, or at least much less of it.

So, really, I'm writing this filler of an entry to commemorate that. If you want to read more of my stuff - and if you do, oh thank you! - then I'll be linking to my actual blog instead. I mean, I bought a domain for this, so might as well make me feel that this money is worth it, yes? Although you'll probably say I can start by writing more about positive, inspirational shit.

I'm blabbing. I had a sequence of thoughts laid out for this, but then I got distracted by Animal Crossing. It's Halloween today, so there's some special fun to be had involving candies and pranks. I have never gone trick or treating as a child; this probably explains why I got a little to excited about it. It was oddly satisfying, accomplishing your objectives and scaring people into giving you candy, for once.

I guess that happens when you're stuck in one place for so long. Or, more of, having a girlfriend who really likes Halloween. As I write this, Shalla's finishing up some bone-themed illustrations - not necessarily Halloween, but I'm too lazy to elaborate. In the past few months we ended up watching Coraline and The Haunting of Bly Manor. Okay, she also knows my disposition is not made for horror films, so there's that. But maybe someday, when my heart is better.

That's it. That's what this last note is about. Nothing, as always.

And your responses...

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