The backstage people take center stage

Okay. So this photo doesn't really have anything much to do with Remix 06, but this is basically what happened afterwards - before the camera conked out, before Ale arrived, after I half-met her parents without the introductions. From left: Lau, Sara, Jill and Jino holding handfuls of free toffee being given away.

For this entry, I've pretty much decided to do it differently, since there just happens to be a lot of photos to work with. If you've already seen the Fifth Year Holler photo album for yesterday's photos, you'll realize the half-charged, sneaked out camera had sixty-one photos from almost anywhere - and, if anyone noticed, I began to use flash for the dark bits.

So I've practically ruined my introduction now - I could've gone dramatic in writing about two enthusiastic dancers, one who got accolades during PE class, the other somehow vowing not to dance anymore. But by then I would've realized we've forgotten entirely about Toni, the third blockmate who's also dancing for Backstage.

That happens to be GMG's dance group, where Clarence is also dancing for (and obviously works for, as part of their scriptwriting pool). By now a few must've known that they didn't place in the competiton, but Ale would later reveal that they were in fourth place - not bad, she thinks, for a competition that had fourteen groups in it. There were a lot of snazzy talent - or maybe hyperactive talent - in Remix 06, organized by the La Salle Dance Company - this year's winners, the Candence Uprockin' Crew (if I still remember the name right), were a bunch of energetic little dancers who grooved well. But, of course, there were some that disappointed more than awed - I'd rather not mention groups - and it suddenly seemed that all Ariane and Joey did were lie, and lie terribly.

Two months ago, I snagged somewhere from the Lasallian air that Ale wanted to join the competition, and was somehow dogged in asking Clarence to let her in the group. The booth, set up at the Miguel clock, was there for three weeks taking in applicants - and fourteen were eventually chosen from different backgrounds. There were self-claimed scholars, there were the former cheerdancers, the former dance troupe members (I think they won second place), and the occasional shocker (Justine Ticzon's group won third - really jiggly bunch).

And then began the practice sessions. A lot of practice sessions - and obviously I don't have any idea on it. By Friday, though, Ale was already asking me to do documentation for the event, which is the very reason why I bought a ticket in the first place.

Friday did come, and by then I had successfully sneaked out the camera and got ready to saving its batteries, it being fresh from the garage sale without any charging (and without being obvious). Ale was there as early as eight in the morning, already with part of her costume on - her shoes apparently Jill's little contribution - and with her hair somehow braided. Of course she was happy to hear me having the camera after all. And the camera would actually last for almost the entire day - through the end of the show, but not until Ale gets to hug Jino or me see Martin, which didn't happen. After my classes ended, and I got poised to work on our Filipino 2 research, I decided to give Kizia the camera and put her in charge of the backstage photos I found practically impossible to take.

Before everything began - by 12.50 Clarence had been tested for make-up and was going to her Religion 2 class. From left: Cuyeg (who isn't really looking), Lau, Malia, Clarence, Sara and Kim.

And then it begins - all the confusion starts as open house was announced by 17.30 (and earlier, by ale, through text). The zigzag line didn't seem like it, and me and Ralph almost cut the middle of the line until someone from LSDC announced that the line is supposed to go crookedly straight. Some people got in without tickets - Huey, Jason, Cuyeg and Cor - although somehow Yas got Jason a ticket, Lau made a boo-boo by promising that he pays for it, and him deciding to sell it to somebody else - so much for Clarence telling me they've got a full house by Thursday - and, of course, a lot of cameras got in. Before all of that, though - and before me treating Sara to Zagu - there was that converted classroom which became make-up central. Click on the thumbnails to view them in high resolution.

The problem with Kizia having to take photos without me knowing what gets in there is that I end up not knowing most of the people in the camera - although I know Ale's in here. Is that a cellphone Toni's holding? Personally her participation was much of a surprise. I didn't imagine her dancing - although she was once my dance partner for PE class. Again, I only know Clarence on this one - I really need introductions.
If I remember correctly, the make-up girl's named Irish - Jana was supposedly the one to do the make-up, but not until (another story gets mixed) the former whips out the make-up kit with (apparently) the Lacoste sign. Jana ends up going to St. Scholatica's College to watch 6cyclemind, and get brought back to DLSU by no other than the band's Chuck. I don't know if it pushed through, though, but we were back from Zagu and she was running out of thhe campus. And, of course, the costumes also matter. They've been wearing their usuallu unusual spunk - and, with the backing of the entire GMG creative force (I guess), people thought they'd win. Still, the most important thing has to be make-up. Seriously.

And, as chaos ensued with people sitting in the reserved area, us getting restless over Malia's speculation that the program would start a half-hour later, and Iya Villania coming by to watch (and not stand up when the hosts were recognizing her presence, and even leave earlier than expected), we heard the ever-familiar dings and the show was on. After the usual stuff, we were hyperactive, wanting to dance on our seats as the performes began to amaze (and equally disappoint) us, and much later in the show, actually call out our names as (especially) the LSDC performed. Who would have thought Cuyeg was there - thanks to someone shouting "go Cuyeg!" in the middle of the number?

Obviously they got in. From left: Huey, Cuyeg and Jason - and, if anyone's noticed, Mary.

And you could expect our reactions - they're weird, bored - but not in the middle of the show itself.

Sara and Jill had five photos from their seat during Remix 06. This was almost a candid. Only catch is, it seems Lau gets ready for photos at a moment's notice. Please, somebody, hide what Malia has to offer!
As Nico puts it, the guys have '[zoned] out'. They were the ones going 'go Cuyeg!' in the middle of the LSDC gig. Again, I ask you to look closely. And, finally, of course - Jino has to be there. And I don't care who's that guy in the photo's forefront.

Oh, of course we were paying attention to the dances itself.

I don't quite get this, now. As long as I know they were watching intently when the flash went on. From left: Cor, Lau and Malia.

And, of course, when Backstage started to position themselves, I found myself walking to the stage stairs - having been unsuccessful at taking decent photos from the seats, thanks to sucky lighting ang sucky zoom settings - and despite all that, it still looks sucky. This is probably the best I could get from a camera that didn't want to cooperate - by this time the low battery signal started to flash.

You can really spot out Ale here. She was beside Clarence most of the time - but then again, she was quick to admit she hasn't memorized her steps well, and yet she's in front. Well personally, it wasn't obvious. Or maybe the spunk takes over the technicalities.

By nine in the evening - after seeing Kor dance without her hair getting caught in a tangle, and after all the (personally unfamiliar) faces the others have pointed out - the winners were announced, and after the dragging suspense (think of the certificates of recognition for the judges), the Cadence Uprockin' Crew won. The prize: ten grand, plus a chance to train with the LSDC wing of their choice. Now that was something - I remembered Ale wanting to get in (and as far as I know she never got to).

It's me positioned below the stairs again, and after the winners were announced, the group gets photos, Ariane gets rest (and doesn't hear me, or even know I was coming in the first place) - and I'm sleepy.

There was something with Backstage's entire number - the ending was supposed to make a literal splash. One of the dancers, apparently, was supposed to jump off the stage and into the orchestra pit, and everybody else would go ooops. Apparently the lights people were never told, and the lights went off just as the jump was made. So everybody thought - even I did - that it was a really nasty, taken-too-much-by-the-rush accident, but not until he stood up and went out ceremoniously - with the lights still off. That could've given them I win, I suppose.

Afterwards - hyperactivity, candies and all - we were back at the Yuchengco lobby, with me wishing to go home but deciding to wait for Martin. Sara and Jill were waiting as well - earlier the guys were talking with Ale's dad, and Ale had hugged Jino thrice tightly before the two part ways. We eventually left the campus, and I rode a bus quickly, and arrived home at sometime past eleven. And Martin did see the two girls - and I never got to see his apparent bangs.

But, by then, a lot could've happened already. I mean, imagine bitter recovery through photos, or maybe stress, or maybe the fact that nobody much knew what happened. And the surprises - Justine Ticzon, again - and, eventually, this, this and this.

Of course, by now I'm tired enough to want to click the upload button. I've actually forgotten my concluding drama. And by now people are asleep - maybe I should too. It's already been two days past Friday and yet I'm stuck thinking about why I, myself, am having enough fun doing things.

Oh well. Fourth place, as Ale said, isn't bad for fourteen groups performing.

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