We wouldn't think that far ahead

This is why I shouldn't leave the essays in my head for too long.

For months I've had this thought bubble about how this pandemic would affect the elections. Yes, it's still over a year away, but if this thing is going to last for as long as it wants to, we'll have to think about it.

I don't know about you, but my election precinct is a clusterfuck. Perhaps the biggest barangay in my home city come together in one elementary school - or so it seems, because it gets really crowded. It's difficult to find where exactly you'll cast your vote, and it's just as difficult to find your queue, and it's just as difficult to be in the queue yourself, because you can't see where you're walking (or standing), and you'll be dizzy if you're not armed with a fan. No wonder so many people find voting to be a chore. No wonder you really need your palms greased.

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Seeing faces

I've spent the last three Saturdays having breakfast alone at the McDonald's nearest to the flat.

I mean, why not? Shalla's usually asleep by this time, and I'd be too lazy to make breakfast for myself, since it's, you know, Saturday. I know, usually I look forward to making breakfast on weekends, particularly when we had a French toast phase, one which will surely come back around in a couple of months or so. But since I've been doing most of the cooking, I guess I miss the days when I can wake up and not do much for the first hour, and maybe for the second or third, too.

Since I wake up at five in the morning most days now, this means not eating anything until roughly half past eight. I'd be watching something on the television, maybe drinking some Milo, all that time. Sweep the floor - it's not a big flat, so it's done in ten minutes, and maybe I'd squeezed in some mopping, too. Take a shower, get clothed, and head to the grocery. Along the way, the McDonald's. See. It makes sense.

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The lockdowns began in the middle of March. I remember not thinking of summer, even if it was going to begin at the time, because it was starting to be clear that nobody was going anywhere.

Well, it's been almost six months - I think six months in two weeks' time.

As I said yesterday, by now we've just gotten used to it. There's brooding frustration, and perhaps anger too, but not much has come out of it, because, well, why would we? Would it really be worth it? What else are we left to do? What else are we allowed to do?

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We are all beekeepers now

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about how nice it would be if we as a country learned to wear face masks when we're sick.

Eight months in, I guess that happened. Well, there is the fear of the coronavirus. Or the fear of being prosecuted, possibly criminally, for not wearing a mask when you're out and about. I don't think we would've done so without those two factors. But it's come to a point when all of us wear a mask automatically, the same way we don't wear jeans anymore. I mean, little kids probably now associate wearing a mask with leaving the house, and basing on the reactions Shalla's nephew and niece make, wearing a mask must be a good thing.

I even think we're going to swing to the other extreme now at some point, and berate anyone who doesn't wear a mask even when most of us have been vaccinated and the pandemic has long subsided. I don't know when that is, but I'm sticking to that prediction. I mean, you know how we do.

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Talkin' talk is not just talk

These days making small talk is an important ability to have. I mean, if you'll be stuck in the same place for weeks on end, you will crave for some degree of interaction with other people, even if it means becoming a bit chattier to the people who deliver your food, or whatever you bought online.

Well, that's a horrific scenario if you fiercely insist that you're an introvert, and therefore, more special. But I digress.

I wouldn't call myself a small talk expert. Even I can find it a bit horrific, if that's the right word. Iris - how are things in Romania? - put it best when she described our accidental corporate event tag team as "I initiate the conversation, and you continue it". Maybe that counts for small talk, too, but I believe small talk requires being able to make something out of nothing. I pick up on a thread and make something out of it. That's not nothing. That's something.

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