Congratulations to the current administration

Yes, the title is correct. Congratulations to the current administration.

When 1Sambayan - the political coalition seeking to present a unified opposition and ultimately unseat Rodrigo Duterte and his allies from power - revealed its list of six personalities who it is considering to field as president or vice president, there was... nothing. Nothing at all.

Granted, they made their announcement on a Saturday. It may have been symbolic considering it was Independence Day, but nobody really pays attention to anything on a weekend - especially now that every boundary has been blurred - unless it's catastrophic. But then, the politically-minded people on my social media feeds - those who don't want another six years of whatever Duterte started - didn't seem that excited either. I doubt it's only because they made the announcement on a Saturday.

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I had a long essay planned about yesterday.

It was going to start with events from a few days before, from Saturday morning, when I had some blood work done, and more attempts at small talk with the lab technicians who was getting my samples. It would weave through conversations I've had with people over the past few weeks, and of course, it would include a lot of my thoughts (not that you need more of them) on the matter. And then, on to yesterday morning, from the bleachers to the queues, to even more small talk, and then, perhaps, a half-triumphant ending.

Instead, I'll only talk about breakfast with Shalla yesterday morning.

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The awakening (the fourth mini album)

I could say it's the face mask and the fucking face shield. I mean, they are designed to prevent us from breathing in viruses... and, well, breathing in altogether.

Walking around the mall for five hours isn't unusual for me. Perhaps it's the most exercise I can involuntary make. It would always mean tired feet and tired legs. I mean, I'm also driving to and from the mall. It's nothing unusual.

But a couple of weekends back I felt extra drained when we got back home. Shalla was, too, but then she did a lot of shopping and I did a lot of following around, And carrying shopping bags. But it's not those, and it's not the face mask, and unfortunately, it's not those useless fucking face shields that failed to prevent a surge in coronavirus cases.

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Parallel (the fifth mini album)

I knew that, in the end, we will not cross the finish line before most of everyone else. It's just how things go.

The spoils always go to the rich countries first, and they almost always will be on the so-called western hemisphere. They have the means to create the vaccines, the funds to buy every available supply and all the rest that will come in the next year or so, and the means to get those vaccines into the arms of everyone within their borders.

This pandemic is just one example. History is littered with how these countries that have, by luck or force, locked up everything for themselves tend to move ahead before everyone else. And once they cross that proverbial finish line, they get first dibs on a lot of other things, naturally. Just take international travel. Does it matter if that's almost impossible for us at the moment? Our passport isn't powerful. They can go pretty much everywhere without a visa. We have all these hoops to jump to begin with. Nothing's different. The cycle continues. It's just how things go.

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I'm not a sports guy. I mean, I won't go out of my way to watch it, whether it be on television or in an arena. I may have made a personality trait out of being a Lasallian who has never watched a UAAP game live. I guess I felt it made me special, in a weird way, because I'm not like everybody else.

But, I must reiterate, it doesn't mean that I don't watch sports. I do. Sometimes. If it's caught my interest, I will. Last week I saw tweets marking two years since Kawhi Leonard's buzzer beater - "the shot" that arguably led to the Raptors winning the NBA championship in 2019. I remembered that I actually watched that live, on television, for some reason.

Well, obviously my brother and father were watching it at the time. They always watched these games, even bonded over it. They'd have conversations I would never understand - inevitably, because I don't follow it. But all I really needed to actually stop and watch that last possession is the fact that it's a game 7 and the score was tied. So, for some reason, I saw one of the most highlight reel-worthy shots in, perhaps, all of NBA history, or at least its recent history.

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